Southern Living Magazine gathered 17 designers from across the country to combine the greatest brains in home design to cultivate and discuss the latest design trends in southern kitchens including those in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. Of the many changes in the real estate industry, there are four main trends in interior design that keep popping up in Louisville’s newest kitchens.

1. Multiple Prep Areas

Oftentimes, the butler’s pantry or extended countertop goes unused, but today’s kitchens are making the most of these additional prep areas. Generally placed adjacent to the main kitchen area, additional prep space can also hold additional appliances like a secondary dishwasher for entertaining, a warming drawer, wine fridge, or additional microwave under the counter.

Additional prep space makes meals easier to prepare and clean because they can store food, dishes, and mess behind the scenes, leaving the main kitchen as a beautiful entertaining area. A prep area is purely a work horse providing additional storage and functionality without sacrificing the beautify of your home.

2. Bold & Bright Color

Bold Kitchen DesignWe all remember the teal ovens and vivid tile of the 50s. The vintage feel and bright impact of bold color is making a comeback in a big way.

While the main appliances and finishes of the kitchen remain timeless, designers are incorporating color in small ways like drawer pulls, cupboard handles, backsplash tiles, or decorative lighting fixtures. This allows you to mix the best in classic Louisville design with a pop of personality.

3. Refrigeration Throughout the Home

Appliances are no longer limited to the kitchen. Many Louisville homeowners are incorporating refrigeration and other appliances throughout the home.

Small units under the counter in various rooms allows homeowners to grab a cold drink in the media room, keep a towel warmer in the bathroom, a wine fridge in the bedroom, or a small bar fridge and sink in the basement, den, or office.

Installing refrigeration in various areas throughout the home allows convenience for entertaining or simple relaxing throughout the home so you always have a cold drink or fresh snack nearby.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Finding creative ways to combine indoor and outdoor space is one of the biggest trends of the last few years. Indoor and outdoor spaces are popular in Louisville and across the south and refers to the transition from kitchen to living room, to outdoor space that flows seamlessly for easy entertaining.

Additional appliances in outdoor living spaces are popular so you don’t have to run in and out of the kitchen for every appliance, tool, or ingredient. Outdoor spaces are popular options for under counter refrigerators, built-in coffee makers, and warming drawers for keeping the barbecue buffet warm.

Louisville Kitchen Design in Your Current Home

You don’t have to have a brand-new home to incorporate some of the best designs in home appliances. Small changes can be made to incorporate beauty or convenience into your current home with minor kitchen renovations.

You can create a beautiful and comfortable living space, even in the smallest properties. A little creativity is all it takes to transform your current home into everything you’re looking for.